How to Delete All Data from Samsung Health on Galaxy Phones

How to Delete All Samsung Health Data on a Galaxy Phone in 2023

Do you want to erase your personal data on the Samsung Health app? This post will teach you how to delete all data from the Samsung Health app on Samsung Galaxy phones.

In the meantime, Samsung Health is a terrific tool if you want to stay in shape or live a healthy lifestyle since you can track your activity and constantly be aware of where you can improve or what objectives you still need to accomplish.

The main function of Samsung Health is to keep track of how many steps you take each day, how far you walk, how many calories you burn, how far you ride a bike, and how much additional activity you do. You will be better able to identify the daily activity you engaged in and its calorie equivalent thanks to this.

However, one of the nicest aspects of the program is its ability to allow you to log your meals and keep track of all the nutrients from your lunch or supper, for instance. You can determine if you’re gaining or losing weight using both of these methods together. This will motivate you to continue walking in order to keep up a consistent fitness routine.

The fact that Samsung Health offers a variety of workouts of varying intensities is another fantastic feature. These activities are designed for people who want to start exercising but are unsure of where to begin. You may establish goals and targets for the intensity that works best for you with this software, which provides you access to your own personal trainer. Utilize the tips the app provides you with to stay in shape all year long and get the benefits of Samsung Health.

How to Delete All Samsung Health Data on a Galaxy Phone

There are typically two causes for wanting to remove your Samsung Health data. The first is that they no longer use Samsung Health, and the second is that they want to start again.

Several things can contribute to the first reason. For those who don’t intend to utilize the Samsung Health service ever again, this is an excellent alternative. You shouldn’t remove your data if you merely want to get rid of the phone or gift it to someone and want to keep using Samsung Health on another device. Instead, you should just remove the Samsung Health app’s data.

Whatever your reason, this quick instruction will show you how to delete your Samsung Health data in a few simple steps.

Note: If you follow the instructions below, your Samsung Health data will be removed from your phone, Samsung Health app, and Samsung Health servers. There is no way to reverse this irreversible erasure. Think carefully before permanently deleting your data.

1. Open the Samsung Health app on your phone.

2. Tap the 3 dots menu and select Settings.


3. Scroll down and select Erase personal data.

Erase personal data

4. Tap Erase.


5. Tap Erase again to confirm it.

Delete All Samsung Health Data

6, Enter your Samsung account password and tap OK.

That’s it. This is how you can delete your all Samsung Health data on a Samsung Galaxy phone.

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