How to Enable YouTube PiP on Android Without Premium

How to Enable YouTube PiP on Android Without Premium in 2022?

Do you want to watch YouTube videos in picture-in-picture mode without premium on Android phones? If yes then in this guide, we’re going to provide the easiest way to get YouTube PiP on Android without a premium.

Meanwhile, with Android 8.0 Oreo, Google added a new PIP (Picture-in-Picture) mode that lets users view YouTube videos in a tiny pop-up window after closing the app. Since then, the YouTube Android app has offered a PiP mode, although it is only available to US residents and YouTube Premium users worldwide.

What is YouTube Premium?

The largest online video-sharing service, YouTube, offers a tonne of free stuff for your viewing enjoyment. What does the premium edition offer, and why is there one?

The platform’s premium subscription service is called YouTube Premium. It replaced YouTube Red and has a number of advantages, the biggest of which being the elimination of all advertisements on all

Features of YouTube Premium

What does YouTube Premium provide, then? Everything you may anticipate from your membership is shown below:

  • Ad-free videos – no obtrusive commercial interruptions on any of the contents on any connected device to your Premium membership.
  • You can watch lengthy films, listen to podcasts, and play music in the background while keeping your screen locked.
  • You can download videos for offline watching at a later time.
  • Access to YouTube Music Premium gives users ad-free access to the app’s millions of tracks.
  • Ad-free YouTube Originals with access to premium, only-available content.

How to Enable YouTube PiP Mode on Android Without Premium

In order to get or watch YouTube videos in picture-in-picture mode on your Android devices without a premium, we’ll use the Float Tube app.

You can use the app Float Tube to watch YouTube videos in a floating window. It entirely frees up your phone so that you may watch YouTube videos while browsing the internet and doing other things.

  • With a lot of features:
    – Floating Play tube videos and music
    – Free to use and you can limit ad playtimes
    – Move and resize the floating window player
    – Recommend your favorite videos based on playback history
    – Well designed to optimize your viewing experience

1. Download and install Float Tube from Google Play Store.

2. Once the app is installed, launch the app.

3. Tap the 3 dots menu and select Settings.


4. Tap on Get float windows permission.

Get float windows permission

5. Enable the option next to the Float Tube.

6. Now, open any YouTube video and then tap the Share button.


7. From the list, choose Play by Float Tube.

Play by Float Tube

8. Now, enjoy YouTube videos in PiP mode on your Android device without premium.

YouTube PiP on Android Without Premium

These were the methods to enable and watch YouTube videos without premium on Android devices.

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