How to Get Rid of the Search Bar on iOS 16 from iPhone Home Screen

How to Get Rid of Search Bar on iOS 16 from iPhone Home Screen

Do you want to remove search from your iPhone home screen? If yes then you’re at the right place. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to get rid of the search bar on the iOS 16 home screen.

Apple has introduced a Search button to the iPhone’s Home Screen, just above the Dock, in iOS 16. You may disable it if you prefer the dots that represent the number of active Home Screen pages over this new feature.

In iOS, searching is simple: To open Spotlight Search, simply slide down from the Home Screen or Lock Screen. From there, you can search for almost anything on your iPhone, including files, apps, messages, mail, contacts, and more.

Despite the ease with which Spotlight Search is used, Apple seems to have decided that the gesture is not sufficiently evident to new iPhone users, and as a result, it has added a search button to the Home Screen, right above the Dock.

How to Get Rid of Search Bar on iOS 16

Here’s how you can disable search on iPhone running iOS 16:

1. Go to the Settings app.


2. On the Settings page, tap the Home screen.

Home screen

3. Under the SEARCH menu, turn off Show on Home screen.

Get Rid of Search Bar on iOS 16

When you return to the home screen, you’ll see that the previous set of dots that indicated how many home pages you had and which one you are now on has taken the place of the search button. You will still only be able to swipe down on the screen to search your applications and folders.

When the search button is disabled, the home screen page indication might reappear. On your home screen, each dot symbolizes a page of icons, and the dot for the currently active page becomes white so you always know where you are. To hide sites you don’t want to view and reorder them whatever you wish, long press on the home screen indications to launch the home screen editing page.

Remember that you may always return to Settings > Home Screen and reactivate the function if you change your mind.

That’s all. This is how you can get rid of the search bar on the iOS 16 iPhone.

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