How to Make Samsung Keyboard Vibrate when Typing [Android 12]

How to Make Keyboard Vibrate on Samsung Galaxy Phones [Android 12[

The majority of us text often throughout the day. An excellent feature of Android phones allows users to feel a small vibration on the keyboard while they type. In this guide, you’ll learn how to make the Samsung keyboard vibrate while typing on Android 12. 

On other hand, Apple recently introduced a keyboard haptic on iOS 16. However, this feature is available for Android phones for many years now. Since the capability was made available to Android users, iOS users have long asked for per-key haptic feedback. Your keyboard’s ability to provide per-key haptic feedback enables you to receive a confirmation for each keypress, improving your typing efficiency and reducing mistake rates overall.

Furthermore, not everyone like typing while their keypad is muted. Some people are inspired to chat by the sound of the keypad. Others experience it as a tickle brought on by their Samsung keyboard’s vibration.

How to Make Keyboard Vibrate on Samsung Galaxy Phones

So, here are the steps to enable keyboard vibration on Samsung Galaxy phones running on One UI 4.1 based on Android 12:

1. Go to the Settings app.

2. Tap Sounds and vibration.

Sounds and vibration

3. Scroll down and tap System sound/vibration control.

System sound/vibration control

4. Under the Vibration menu, enable the Samsung keyboard.

Make Keyboard Vibrate on Samsung

Doing so will enable keyboard vibration on your Galaxy phones. You can also set the vibration intensity.

Navigate to Settings > Sounds and vibration < Vibration intensity and adjust the Touch interaction. Remember that don’t set it to the 0 position otherwise, the Samsung keyboard vibration won’t work.

Vibration intensity

How to Stop Vibration While Typing in Samsung Galaxy

At least for me, Samsung’s keyboard vibration is a useful feature. In only a few taps, the Samsung Galaxy’s keyboard vibration may be turned off. Additionally, turning off the keyboard vibration helps extend the life of your battery.

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Tap Sounds and vibration.
  • Tap System sound/vibration control.
  • Finally, disable the Samsung keyboard option.

Stop Vibration While Typing in Samsung Galaxy

That’s it. This is how you make the Samsung keyboard vibrate while typing in Android 12. 

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