Pop-up Widgets on Samsung: How to Enable and Use it?

Pop-up Widgets on Samsung Galaxy: How to Enable & use it on Galaxy?

Samsung has a fantastic tool for Galaxy users called Good Lock App. It contains a variety of modules that help you completely personalize your phone. It’s One Hand Operation+ module received an upgrade last week that added support for One UI 4.1.1 (Android 12L) and the fantastic Widget Pop-up functionality. In this guide, you’ll learn how to enable and use pop-up widgets on Samsung Galaxy phones.

The One UI 4.1.1 upgrade, which runs on Android 12L, is designed for large-screen devices like tablets and foldable phones, although some new features may also be added to select ordinary phones. Anyway, I’ll cover Samsung One UI 4.1.1 in another post; now, I want to talk about the Widgets pop-up feature that came with the brand-new version.

Additionally, the One Hand Operation Plus software allows users to activate a variety of swipe motions for operating their Galaxy smartphone conveniently, including accessing landscape view, the flashlight, split-screen, task switcher, Quick tools, and others.

The Widgets pop-up has updated the list of these gestures in the interim. This gesture may be placed on either side of your screen at your discretion. You will notice a pop-up that displays the widgets you will add to it when you swipe to open it.

The widgets you want will need to be customized and set up. Additionally, you may swipe to see the other widgets and add new widgets to the following page.

How to Enable Widgets Pop-up on Samsung Galaxy

1. Download and install the Good Lock app on your Samsung Galaxy phone. If Good Lock is not available in your country then you can download One Hand Operation+ from Galaxy Store.

2. Open the Good Lock app, navigate to the Family tab and select One Hand Operation+. Or open One Hand Operation+ app.

One Hand Operation+

3. Enable the toggle to use the gestures. Tap any of the handles you want to use pop-up widgets on (Left or Right).

4. You can select what feature you want to use when you swipe straight right, Diagonal up, or Diagonal down under the Short swipe.

5. Scroll down and select Widgets pop-up.

Widgets pop-up

How to Add & Use Pop-up Widgets

Use the swipe gesture to open the pop-up.

Long-press on the pop-up widgets screen and you will see four options:

  1. Add page.
  2. Delete page.
  3. Add widget.
  4. Pop-up size.

To add a widget, Tap Add widget and select the widget which you want to use, and tap Save. Keep repeating like this add more widgets.

Add widget

This is what the pop-up widgets look like on a Samsung Galaxy phone:

Pop-up Widgets on Samsung Galaxy

That’s all. This is how you can enable and use the pop-up widgets on a Samsung Galaxy phone.

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