How to Post Voice Note on WhatsApp Status on Android

How to Post a Voice Note on WhatsApp Status on Android in 2023

Do you want to put a voice note on WhatsApp status? This post will teach you how to post a voice note on WhatsApp Status on Android.

Meanwhile, one of WhatsApp’s finest features is Status, which allows you to tell your contacts what you’re doing, thinking, or feeling. Until recently, it could only be done through text messages, photographs, videos, and gif images. You may now make your voice recording your WhatsApp status.

In the meantime, WhatsApp offers a new feature that allows users to upload audio notes as status updates rather than photographs or videos. Users may record their voice and make it their status directly from WhatsApp. The clubhouse is similar to Twitter Spaces in that users may publish audio updates.

The latest WhatsApp beta version for Android and iOS includes the voice status function. You may publish a 30-second voice note as a solo status for 24 hours by recording a 30-second voice note.

The new feature could be beneficial to individuals who are more outspoken in their daily lives and enjoy sharing their experiences with others. This would also assist people in better promoting their material or anything else. If someone wishes to share music with their contacts, they may put a photo in the Status and even chat about it using the Voice Status function.

How to Post a Voice Note on WhatsApp Status on Android

Here’s how to share voice recordings on WhatsApp status:

Note: Make sure you’re running the latest WhatsApp version.

1. Open WhatsApp.

2. Go to the Status tab and then tap the pencil icon at the bottom right-hand corner.


3. Press and hold the microphone button to record a 30-second voice note.

Record your 30 seconds voice note

4. Now, to preview the recorded voice note, tap the play button.

Listen to your recorded voice note

5. You can also change the background color by tapping the color icon at the top right-hand corner.

Change the background

6. If everything is fine, tap the green Send button to post it as a new WhatsApp status.

Post a Voice Note on WhatsApp Status

That’s all. This is how you can post or share a voice note on WhatsApp status on Android phones. However, Message yourself, Call Link, View once, Disappearing messages, and other new features were recently released by WhatsApp. The Voice status feature is now under testing and will be available in the stable version of WhatsApp shortly.

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