How to Send a Silent Message on Telegram

How to Send a Silent Message on Telegram on Android & iPhone

Do you want to send messages without sound on Telegram? If yes then you’re at the right spot. In this guide, we’ll show you how to send a silent message on Telegram.

Recently, Telegram announced that the number of its active users had topped 500 million. More than 90 million new users joined the messaging network in just a month of January. This comes after a number of WhatsApp users began to stop using the app due to the recently modified privacy policy.

There are certain unique features on Telegram that you would not be able to discover on any other network, even if it shares many features with WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook.

Silent Message is one such functionality. The past year’s release of the function seeks to lessen the clamor and pestering of fresh message alerts. Regardless of whether the Do Not Disturb function is enabled on the recipient’s phone, the Silent Message shows as a notification but has no sound.

How Does it Work?

As said, the other person will not hear any sound when they get your message. In other words, you may send a message to a certain individual by text or speech, and they will get it, but not over audio. The other person receives the push notice themselves when you send a message this way, but it is quiet. Unlike when a user in Telegram entirely disables alerts from a particular contact, conversation, or group.

How to Send a Silent Message on Telegram

Here’s how you can send messages without sound on Telegram:

1. Open the Telegram app on your phone.

2. Find a chat you want to send a silent message to.

3. Now, type your message and tap on hold on the send button, and then select Send Without Sound.

Send a Silent Message on Telegram

That’s it. These were the steps to send a silent message on Telegram. Sending a message silently is a very helpful tool if you want to remind someone of anything without disturbing them during their sleep or at work. Sending a postponed message in Telegram is an additional choice that can be useful in this circumstance.

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