How to Turn Off Backlit Keyboard in DELL Laptops in Windows 10/11

How to Turn Off the Backlit Keyboard on DELL Laptops in 2 Ways

Do you want to disable the backlit keyboard on your DELL laptops? If yes then you’re at the right place. In this guide, you’ll learn 2 different ways to turn off the backlit keyboard on DELL laptops.

Meanwhile, DELL computers are extremely popular, and there are numerous alternatives available across all price ranges, from simple laptops to high-end laptops. If you want a Backlit Keyboard on your Dell Laptop, be sure to verify whether it has one before purchase. In addition, we’ve seen backlit keyboards in high-end laptops that include a sensor that turns on the backlit option automatically in low-light settings.

However, DELL provides a backlit keyboard as an optional feature in its laptops and notebooks. However, unlike the Apple MacBook Pro, there is no sensor that can switch on the illuminated keyboard automatically in low light. Instead, if your device has one, you must manually turn on the illuminated keyboard.

How to Turn Off Backlit Keyboard in DELL

Here are the 2 methods to disable backlit keyboard on DELL laptops:

Method 1. Disable Backlight Keyboard via Keyboard

The first and easy method to disable backlit keyboard is to use the keyboard shortcuts. To Turn off Backlit Keyboard in Dell laptops like Studio/Vostro/XPS/Latitude, “Hold the Fn key and press the F5 key”. If F5 is not working for your then you must locate the key with illuminating symbol.

Method 2. Disable Backlit Keyboard on DELL via BIOS

Meanwhile, you can also use the BIOS to turn off the backlight keyboard:

  • Press the F2 key when you see the DELL logo screen.
  • Tap the + icon next to System Configuration.

System Configuration.

  • Select Keyboard Illumination and then choose Disabled under the Keyboard Illumination on the right-hand side.

Keyboard Illumination

How can I know whether my laptop’s keyboard has a backlight?

Looking at the keyboard itself is one of the simplest methods to determine whether or not your laptop has a keyboard backlight; if you notice any of the manufacturer’s symbols in the screenshots below, you can enable the backlight.


So, these were the 2 methods to turn off the backlite keyboard on DELL laptops. Before experimenting with these settings, make sure your laptop has the illuminated option. Select models have the option, so make sure to verify ahead of time if you require a backlit keyboard.

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