How to Turn off Power Button End Calls on iPhone 13 & iPhone 12 [iOS 16]

How to Turn Off Power Button End Calls on iPhone 13, iPhone 12 [iOS 16]

On iPhone, pressing the Side button, known as the Lock or Power button, automatically stops the current call. This occurs both while you are on an incoming call and when you are placing an outgoing call. On an iPhone, the Side button or any of the volume buttons can be used to hush an incoming call. In this iOS guide, you’ll learn how to turn off power button end calls on iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 on iOS 16.

While the ability to end a call by pressing the Side or Power button is useful. While trying to lock their iPhone screen while on a call, many individuals frequently unintentionally hang up. While on a crucial call, things might be bothersome, even if you can always call back.

How to Disable End Call with Lock Button on iPhone [iOS 16]

Thankfully, iOS 16 adds the ability to turn off end calls using the iPhone’s lock button, which finally fixes this long-standing issue. With the new “Lock to End Call” feature, you may switch off your iPhone’s power button to end a call. This is a great feature because it means you won’t have to worry about accidentally stopping calls when your phone is locked.

Here’s how you can turn off or disable the power button end calls on iPhone on iOS 16:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Tap Accessibility.


3. On the Accessibility page, tap Touch.


4. Here, find the Lock to End Call option and turn it off.

Turn Off Power Button End Calls on iPhone

Now when you press the lock or power button, your iPhone will lock but the ongoing call will remain active.

That’s it. These were the steps to turn off power button end calls on iPhone (iOS 16). Remember that You won’t be able to reject an incoming call by pressing the Side button twice if the “Lock to End Call” option is deactivated.

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