How to Turn On Active Noise Cancelling on Galaxy Buds Live & Pro

How to Turn on Noise Cancelling on Galaxy Buds Live & Buds Pro in 2021

Samsung’s new completely wireless earbuds such as Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds+ are packed full of features. Meanwhile one of the newest features is “Active Noise Canceling.” However, if you’ve bought a new Galaxy Buds Live or Galaxy Buds+ and don’t know how to activate the active noise cancelling feature then you’re at the right place. In this post, you’ll learn how to turn on active noise cancelling on Samsung Galaxy Buds Live and Buds+.

What is Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)?

Noise-cancelling speakers are used in Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) to eliminate undesirable background noise. To eliminate undesirable background noise, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) employs a noise-cancelling technology. The technology consists of microphones that “listen” to noises both outside and within the earphone, an ANC chipset that inverts the soundwaves, and a speaker within the earphone that cancels the outside sound with the neutralising soundwaves.

How to Turn on Noise Active Cancelling on Galaxy Buds Live & Buds Pro

Both Samsung Galaxy Buds Live and Buds Pro support active noise cancelling (ANC) while Samsung Galaxy Buds+ does not support ANC technology. 

So. without further ado, here’s how to turn active noise cancelling on Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds Pro:

Method 1. Turn on Active noise cancelling from the Galaxy Wearable app

If you wish, you may turn on Active noise cancellation from your connected device’s Galaxy Wearable app. Depending on whether you have the Buds Live or the Buds Pro, the instructions are slightly different. Active noise cancellation requires both buds to be worn at the same time.

Galaxy Buds Live

  • Open the Galaxy Wearable app. Make sure to pair the buds to your phone via the Galaxy Wearable app.
  • Now, simply turn on Active noise canceling.

Galaxy Buds Pro

  • Open the Galaxy Wearable app.
  • Tap Active noise canceling.
Method 2. Turn on Active Noise Cancelling on the Earbuds Themselves

Simply touch and hold one of the earbuds while wearing both of them to activate Active noise cancellation on the Buds themselves. A beep will sound, indicating that Active noise cancellation is enabled. Touch and hold one of the earphones again to turn it off. When Active noise cancellation is turned off, you’ll hear a different sound.

Do Galaxy Buds have Active Noise Cancelling?

1: Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

The Galaxy Buds Pro combines previous features with fresh adjustments to make the greatest wireless earphones the business has ever produced. Samsung spent a long time getting this level of performance, and there are several reasons why it worked this time.

There’s enough technology within to justify the size. To keep ambient noise out, you have active noise cancellation (ANC) with two levels. Ambient mode now includes four filtering options for outside noise. Voice Detect, for example, reduces the level of the audio you’re listening to and switches to Ambient mode once you start talking, allowing you to speak without touching the earphones or your phone.

Active Noise Cancellation: Yes

2. Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Samsung’s bean-shaped earphones are an attempt to make something that would fit as many ears as possible. Engineers were able to do this by removing the driver’s earbud from the automobile and just allowing the earbud to lay over the ear. Because nothing sticks inside the ear canal, wearing them for extended periods of time causes less discomfort or tiredness, which may be beneficial to tiny ears.

Despite the unique shape, they were Samsung’s first earbuds to have active noise cancellation (ANC), however, the open fit makes it work harder to filter out ambient noise.

Active Noise Cancellation: Yes

3. Samsung Galaxy Buds+

Samsung continues to sell the Galaxy Buds+ in place of the Galaxy Buds Pro or Buds Live, and for good reason. They’ve evolved into a more cheap option inside the same environment, and they continue to receive upgrades that can help them perform better.

They may also continue to play the part of being the most at ease in the group. Samsung has done a good job of keeping the original Galaxy Buds’ form factor and only improving on it in a few crucial aspects to keep them relevant even now. They don’t have ANC technology, but they have excellent passive noise isolation and a light, comfortable fit.

Active Noise Cancellation: No

This is how you can turn on active noise cancelling on Samsung Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds Pro. When you wish to prevent interruptions while listening to music, use Active Noise Canceling. AKG tuned speakers are within Galaxy Buds Live, and they’re meant to play it all. The air duct allows air to flow freely, allowing you to experience the vibrations in each beat. There is less noise with ANC for open type. You may now concentrate more on what you’re hearing. 

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