How to Use Spot Color on Samsung Phone

How to Use Spot Color on Samsung Galaxy Phone for Photos With Ease

Do you want to highlight the color of a photo on your Samsung Phone? Luckily, Samsung’s Gallery app lets you highlight your photo to make it stand out. In this guide, you’ll learn how to use spot color on a Samsung Galaxy phone.

Meanwhile, one of the greatest native gallery apps is Samsung Gallery. Numerous third-party gallery applications face stiff competition from it. It not only works well as gallery software, but it also has fun picture editing features for Samsung Galaxy phones. Crop, color spot, add photographs to another picture, resize, adjust backdrop effects, and much more are all available. Let’s look at how to use Samsung Gallery to edit images on a Samsung Galaxy Phone.

On other hand, Spot color is a color that is produced from a single printing plate with one matching ink color. Spot colors are used when just one or two solid colors are required on a page, when a color must match properly and be constant, such as with a business emblem or when the organization’s or message’s colors are a trademark. IBM’s “Big Blue” hue, for example, is a carefully selected spot color blend that the firm is quite fussy about! A four-color print job becomes a five- or six-color job when spot color is combined with process color. Process color creates a contrast.

In a picture, what is a spot colour?

Selective coloring is a term used by some. These two methods, however, are not interchangeable. Traditionally, selective coloring has been done after the fact. Photographers would highlight a certain part of the image, or an item, and leave it as the sole colored element in the frame.

They’d convert the remainder of the image to monochrome, or increase the color saturation of that object while decreasing it in the rest of the image. This is done to draw attention to or focus on a certain section of the image. For more information visit digital-photography-school.

How to Use Spot Color on Samsung Galaxy Phone

Samsung Gallery app has a feature called “spot colour” that lets you highlight and spot parts of an image or item. So, here are the steps to use spot color on a Samsung phone:

Step 1. Go to the Gallery app.

Step 2. Find and open the image that you want to edit and use spot color on your Samsung smartphone.

Step 3. Now, tap the edit or pencil icon at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4. Tap the 3 dots menu at the bottom right-hand corner and select Spot colour.

Step 5. Tap on your desired area to spot the color. 

Step 6. If you want to remove a tiny portion of color, click the erase symbol.

Step 7. Once everything is all set, tap Done and Save.

Use Spot Color on Samsung

You’ll be able to see your Spot Coloured photo in your Gallery after it’s been saved.

Original Photo

Spot Color

That’s it. These were the steps to use spot color on a Samsung Galaxy phone.

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